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The Grove Retreat Leadership Team

This Team is made up of students at Ole Miss that desire for incoming students to know Christ and to walk in relationship with Him.  They want these students to be active members in their churches and be plugged into the Christian community that exists in Oxford. They've been praying for these incoming students since August 2021 and can't wait to meet you!

Image by Milad Fakurian
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"The Grove Retreat helps freshmen get plugged into the Christian community early on; it's also a beautiful glimpse of the kingdom of heaven since there are so many ministries and churches coming together for God's glory."

-Tyler Webb

"I love the Grove Retreat because it gives freshmen immediate access to the body of Christ on campus. Before anything else competes for their attention in the fall, TGR strives to welcome, connect, and equip them so they are best prepared to be firmly rooted in Christ in Oxford." 

-Lydia Johnsey 

"I love the TGR because I believe in its mission to unify & equip the body of Christ! Serving on leadership has been an honor to empower fellow students to use their God-given gifts for His glory.  It's been fun to watch my friends grow professionally and spiritually through these roles and surpass my understanding of what I thought we were capable of as college students. To God be the Glory!"

-MC Simons

Image by Blake Cheek

Meet The Team

IMG_0846 copy-1.jpeg

Kalyn Dixon


IMG_0837 copy-1.jpeg

Ally Grace Bounds and Dylan Todd

Counselor Trainers


Kyndal White

Head of Prayer


Erin Kilpatrick

Head of Main Sessions

IMG_0872 copy-1.jpeg

West Sepko

Head of PR

IMG_0853 copy-1.jpeg

Saydee Taylor

Head of Finance/Fundraising

IMG_0864 copy-1.jpeg

Madelyn Brown

Head of Hospitality

IMG_0851 copy-1.jpeg

Eva Richardson

Head of Registration

IMG_0858 copy-1.jpeg

Austin Hipskind

Head of Logistics

IMG_0860 copy-1.jpeg

Matthew Locke

Head of Operations

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